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Support Planning and Brokerage

Our services

Our support planners and brokers have a huge range of skills and experience. Each member of the team has been trained by the National Brokerage Network as well as attended conferences and training relating to the personalisation agenda – all designed to give our brokers the wide selection of tools needed to support people to develop life plans and stay in control of their lives.

Put simply, Brokers are like travel agents – you tell your travel agent what holiday you want and they help you find it. Here, you tell your Broker about your ideal lifestyle, as well as your dreams and aspirations, and they will help you to fulfill them.

All Brokers have a range of skills and the experience to help you, and operate separately from any direct service provision offered by Vibrance.

Our Brokers have also received National Brokerage Network Training and have all achieved the NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 in Information, Advice & Guidance.

How Support Planning and Brokerage can help

Support Planning and Brokerage can offer support on a number of things, including:

  • Advice on how to get a personal budget or Direct payment
  • Developing your support plan and/or life plan
  • Developing a circle of support to help you make decisions and manage your budget
  • Recruiting your own Personal Assistant
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Sign post to fund holding, payroll and insurance services
  • Providing information on community support providers, short break services, housing options, clubs, groups and supported holidays
  • Trying out new opportunities and engaging with your local community
  • Employment opportunities, as well as job coaching and mentoring
  • Keeping you in control of your life

Who we support

Our team has experience in supporting older people, people with learning disabilities, physical and sensory impairments and people living with mental health concerns . The team is also experienced in supporting people living with autism, young people going through transition, and those with complex and high support needs.

Our services are varied. And we work hard to explore even more options that allow people opportunities of new activities, day services, community inclusion, short break choices and various housing options within their local community.

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