Day opportunities

Day Opportunities

Day opportunities

At Vibrance, we offer a whole new way of providing day services for people with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities. Activities are not based at a centre, but take place using local community facilities – providing a wider choice of activities and better opportunities to become integrated into community life.

The person-centred programme is varied and stimulating, with each individual having a bespoke programme arranged according to their needs, abilities and desires. Some activities aim to increase independence skills whilst others are pure fun.

Depending on the activity and the degree of support needed, people are able to take part on their own, with an activity worker or as part of a group.


We've already built up a network of community-based activities from our sites:

Our activities are as varied as the people taking part, and include leisure and educational opportunities such as:

  • College
  • Conservation
  • Cookery
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Literacy
  • Multi-sensory room
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Relaxation
  • Day trips and visits to the theatre
  • Hobbies such as art, craft, music, pottery and drama
  • Social events such as bowling, concerts, the cinema and shopping
  • Keep fit such as swimming, trampolining, rambling, horse riding and wheelchair dancing

Supporting people

Our team arrange activities, keep records and set programmes that allow time for people to meet together, and enjoy relaxation and refreshment. Activity workers are on hand at all times and take responsibility for meeting personal care and dietary needs.

People who use our services are able to prepare drinks and snacks at our base or choose to eat out locally. The expense of all local activities and fees within the timetable are usually covered by Vibrance. Whilst use of public transport is encouraged, minibuses are also available.

Supported employment

Every year, we hear from more and more people who are looking for access to supported employment. So, when we were given the chance to open a café in Woodford, it offered the ideal opportunity to provide it. As part of our 'Pathways to Employment' enterprise, we offer a growing number of supported work opportunities to young adults and people who use our services. To find out more, visit our Supported Employment page

Success stories

Bob attends two days a week, taking part in a wide range of activities with great enthusiasm. Bob says he likes coming because he's made plenty of new friends.

"Vibrance not only provides Bob with an excellent service, it's the only service that he's received that looks after family." Bob's mum

Aarif has a visual auditory disability and attends three days a week. He particularly enjoys hydrotherapy, sensory and outdoor activities.

"This project is better for Aarif as he can swim regularly and is becoming more confident. He also has sensory sessions and is able to join in with music activities holding an instrument and feeling the vibrations. It's helping him sleep better too." Aarif's mum

Get in touch

If you'd like to get in touch, you can contact us in the following ways:

Steve Kelland

Steve Kelland

Steve Kelland:
Blue Skies Project
3-5 Arnold Road
E3 4NT
Call: 0208 980 0087

Mark Ayling

Mark Ayling

Mark Ayling:
Canterbury Road
123 Canterbury Road
E10 6EF
Call: 0208 532 8123

Helena Benton

Helena Benton

Helena Benton:
Redbridge Day Services
Goodmayes House
45-49 Goodmayes Rd
Call: 0208 510 1666

Theo Nwosa

Theo Nwosa

Theo Nwosa:
Waltham Forest
Day Services
Louise House
194 Brookscroft Rd
E17 4TA
Call: 0208 531 8385

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