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RCHL has changed its name

RCHL - a leading social care provider in London and the south east that supports vulnerable people with disabilities - has changed its name to Vibrance.

RCHL (Redbridge Community Housing Ltd), which has been providing essential support since 1989, offers community day services, low support housing, nursing and care homes, respite care, supported employment and self-directed services to 850 people in nine local authority areas.

The organisation employs around 400 people and was names on The Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies To Work For’ in 2012. It officially launched its new name at The Argyle Road Project, in Ilford, on June 24, at a celebration attended by Redbridge Mayor, Councillor Felicity Banks.

Chief Executive Paul Allen said the change heralded a bright new future for the not-for-profit organisation, which recently became a registered charity.

"Since we began over 20 years ago, our organisation has evolved tremendously and our old name was not able to reflect those changes," said Mr Allen.

"When RCHL first started, we aimed to provide alternative residential services for people moving out of two psychiatric hospitals within Redbridge. While housing is still an important part of what we do, we now offer many other innovative services besides.

"We have also expanded geographically - we don’t just operate within Redbridge any more but currently work with nine local authorities across London and the south east of England."

Mr Allen said the growth, coupled with recent national changes in the social care landscape in the form of budget personalisation, had offered the perfect time for change.

"Vibrance will build on the successful foundations built up by RCHL. We are bidding a fond farewell to our old name and looking forward to a positive new future. At RCHL, we used to say we were about ‘improving lives’. We believe we have moved on as an organisation to the point where we not only improve lives, but are able to inspire the people who use our services," said Mr Allen.

The refreshing new name and logo was chosen after extensive consultations with staff, board members and stakeholders. Most importantly, service users were also an integral part of the process.

"We believe Vibrance offers a positive sense of the future to the people we support and we’re looking forward to stretching ourselves as an organisation to live up to it," Mr Allen said.

"We would also like to reassure people whilst our name may have changed, the high quality, innovative social care services trusted by carers, commissioners and the people who use them will remain.

"The world of social care is changing, from one where services were commissioned via large block contracts that only allow very limited choice to the people using them, to one where those eligible for social care funding will have their own individual budget in order to choose and adapt their care.

"At Vibrance, we're welcoming that change. It’s a perfect match to our ethos of enabling people who use our services to have real control over their lives.

"Looking to the future, our goal is that by 2020, we will be driven forward by the wishes of the people who choose our services. We want to expand and diversify throughout London and the south east of England and we want Vibrance to become widely recognised for excellence in enabling vulnerable people to be in control of their lives."

Redbridge Mayor, Councillor Felicity Banks, who met Vibrance service users and staff at the name-change celebration, said: "It was been a pleasure to visit the Argyle Project and meet some of the people who use its services. The charity’s new name is full of energy and it was clear that it is an exciting time for service users and staff. I would like to wish everyone connected with Vibrance all the very best for the future."

RCHL has changed its name to Vibrance

Redbridge Mayor, Councillor Felicity Banks, and Vibrance chief executive Paul Allen (back right), pictured with service users and staff at The Argyle Project, in Ilford.

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