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Emily presents at the Local Voices, Local Choices Conference in Brentwood

Emily presents at Local Voices, Local Choices

As part of Essex County Council’s continuing drive to work in partnership with providers of services they hosted an event on 17th February in Brentwood.

This event was designed to give an up to date on Supported Living Services in Essex, and Vibrance service user Emily Bridge was invited to speak, sharing her story. Emily was really great, as she spoke from her own point of view, alongside a number of professional speakers. 

Emily is also involved in a project sharing information across Europe: A company called ‘Bridge Research’, arranged for our counterparts in both Greece & Poland to visit the UK to share information. This seminar took place last November & Emily attended.

Emily presents at Local Voices, Local Choices

The next part of the project is a seminar in Athens, and  concentrates especially on transition and independent and supported living and exchanging “know-how” ideas.

Themes about personal relationships, access to work & employment and involvement in cultural activities will be shared.

The conference organisers hope people attending will have a chance to consider adult education, use of media, housing.

While in Athens, we are liaising with a Care provider called ‘Estia’, which translates to ‘A Gathering house’. They are keen to hear from Emily about how she made her transition from home. Emily is confident & eloquent & looking forward to telling all about her experiences.

Emily tells us:
"I did a presentation for Essex Works!  I was excited about doing it and talking about moving to Masons Way.  I spoke about how my life is now I have learnt how to cook proper dinners, to do my own laundry, how to clean the house. I meet different people  when I go to parties, I invited my friend Daniel over for the day yesterday .

"On the 30th May me and Sam are going to Greece to speak at a seminar there; it will be my first time on an aeroplane and my first time abroad! I am just waiting for my passport to come. I feel excited about going somewhere new.... from Emily"

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