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Emily’s visit to the House of Lords

Bernard Goes FlyingRecently Emily was invited to visit the House of Lords with the Rix Centre, University of East London,  as a part of an information sharing session. Here is her report:

Emily & Sams trip to the House of Lords

We went to the House of Lords by train -  we went on two trains. When we got there we had to ask someone which way to go. 

When we got to the House of Lords I had lots of people asking me questions I answered them the best I could and we had cakes and sandwiches and teas. 

Bernard Goes FlyingA lot people were speaking about different organisations. Sam got a photo of me by Westminster abbey and Big Ben, we had a look in the gift shop & I bought a pen. I chatted about moving out of my family house and the House of Lords.

Everyone who spoke to me about what I had to do to get here were very interested in what I had to say. We made people think about what is going on. I asked questions aswell - I thought it was really good fun. We had a lovely time.

We took two trains on the way back and we had to stand up on one train. We need more people to do what I did!

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